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Piss And Fist

When the gorgeous Noa Tavez, who has dark hair, comes into the kitchen to get some glasses, gorgeous blonde Eva Brown is attempting to work on her laptop. Eva asks her new best friend to hold a glass underneath her while she begins to pussy piss straight into it out of curiosity! As Noa continues to saturate Eva with her own fluids, she pours it into her mouth and these gorgeous people kiss! Noa pushes her underwear to the side and urinates into the glass, causing the females to become even more drenched in their golden urine. Before Eva settles down to enjoy some pussy sucking, these sultry lesbians strip off and lick each other's nipples! Noa gives Eva the same treatment while in the doggie position after working her pussy lips with her tongue and taking a piss in her mouth. These pornstars take turns giving each other a dildo in the shape of a fist while they enjoy more golden showers and delightful pisses. They orgasm and masturbate to end their intensely heated session!

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