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Tantilising Tease

Tiny brunette girlfriends Tina and Eva Brown are teasing each other and having a great time. Tina doesn't waste any time in removing her bodysuit to give Eva a golden shower. As they kiss, they expose their ass, and Eva pays it forward by urinating all over Tina as she lies on the glass coffee table. These lustful lesbians keep having a great time by maximally satisfying each other's pussies. While Tina directs her next stream, Eva pays Tina a little attention and simultaneously gets a piss in her mouth. These closest of friends enjoy switching roles, and Eva trembles when Tina licks her pussy! These dildo-sharing pornstars utilize a glass goblet to collect their dribbles. They end their experimentation with a golden toast and some lighthearted urine spewing, getting completely covered in piss! These girls know how to have fun with each other and with us!

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Party Girls
As Christmas approaches, VIPissy girls, including Tiny, Paula Shy, and Belle, dress up as mischievous maids and ballet dancers. Paula is doused in golden showers by Tina and Francys, ruining her ensemble. Paula is nude and urinates on Francy's, while Tina covers her nipples with spray cream. Tina then urinates into a glass bowl, soaking Francy's with her own. The other girls enjoy themselves by slipping metal speculums into Tina's pussy. They toast and piss in glasses before piss drinking to cap off their celebration.