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Splashing Shared Streams

Best friends for brunettes In our most recent VIPissy lesbian pissessing action, Kim Hot and Moona can not get their hands off one another. Moona blankets Kim with golden showers, drenching her skintight dress and cleavage, while standing with her underwear pulled to one side. She enjoys some of her own piss showers after sucking on Kim's nipples and licking up her own juice! These leering pornstars strip off and take hold of a metal speculum, which they alternately use to gape at each other's pussies, squirt urine into their mouths, and lap up streams of pee! These females like sharing another sex item after licking each other's pussies and tasting their urine streams. They fuck each other's pussies one at a time and bathe each other in more golden streams of urine this time around while sharing a dildo! They continue their lesbian pee play by splashing around merrily after soaking the floor in their mixture!

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Party Girls
As Christmas approaches, VIPissy girls, including Tiny, Paula Shy, and Belle, dress up as mischievous maids and ballet dancers. Paula is doused in golden showers by Tina and Francys, ruining her ensemble. Paula is nude and urinates on Francy's, while Tina covers her nipples with spray cream. Tina then urinates into a glass bowl, soaking Francy's with her own. The other girls enjoy themselves by slipping metal speculums into Tina's pussy. They toast and piss in glasses before piss drinking to cap off their celebration.