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Seduced by Jesica

fresh visage Gina Monelli is flipping through a picture album when Jesica Bell, a friend, enters the room with a lot of lust. She approaches Gina and entices her to join her in some naughty fun by pulling up her minidress and dousing Gina in golden showers. After Gina's entire attire becomes saturated, Jesica helps her undress by removing her underwear. Before Gina soaks her nude body and Jesica laps up Gina's juices, flinging them across the room with force, Gina gets up and gives Jesica some piss in mouth action! As the two lustful lesbians begin to lick each other's pussies, Jesica turns over and lets her next torrent of urine fly into Gina's mouth and all over her gorgeous face. After being completely soaked from head to toe, these lecherous pornstars carry on with their lesbian sex while collecting more of their golden fluids in a huge glass cup. After spilling the first batch on Jesica, Gina directs her next discharge into the glass as well! To round off their enjoyment, they share a dildo that shoots juice into their mouths!

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In the latest update on VIPissy, Cynthia Vellons and Claudia engage in personal activities while trying on knickers in the lounge. Claudia puts on black lace panties for Cynthia and exchanges them for peach cotton ones. Cynthia starts peeing in her pants, and Claudia catches her streams and splashes them all over her body. After Cynthia removes her wet panties, they lick and suck the liquid from the fabric before Claudia pulls her pants to one side.
Getting Wet In The Kitchen
In a recent scene on VIPissy, Jessica Bell and Claudia Macc are seen teasing in kitchens, teasing each other with aprons and knickers. Claudia demonstrates desperation by urinating into a glass jug, spilling the nectar all over Jessica's apron. Jessica assists in undressing, while Claudia showers her. The two hotties then trade places, using kitchen tongs to gape at Claudia's pussy. They share a yellow vibrator and shit over their nude bodies.