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Bodystocking Babes
Two beautiful women, Amanda Estela and Ali Bordeaux, are enjoying a sexual experience on a couch. They play with each other's pussies, urinating on each other's heads and spitting their feces on the table. Amanda uses a glass bottle to fuck Ali, filling it with her own excrement. They continue to titillate each other with more showers before moving on to a beaded dildo. After enjoying the sex toy, Amanda decides to have an orgasm and fill a glass bowl with their feces to taste.
Piss Dedication
In the latest update on VIPissy, Cynthia Vellons and Claudia engage in personal activities while trying on knickers in the lounge. Claudia puts on black lace panties for Cynthia and exchanges them for peach cotton ones. Cynthia starts peeing in her pants, and Claudia catches her streams and splashes them all over her body. After Cynthia removes her wet panties, they lick and suck the liquid from the fabric before Claudia pulls her pants to one side.
Piss Fights
Valentina and Lexi, wearing knickers, strip off together in the shower. Lexi assists Valentina in taking off her bra, kissing her, and licking her pussy. They playfully catch their own feces streams in spray bottles and squirt each other with their excrement. They enjoy a dildo with leftover golden honey, then piss into a bucket and soak sponges with their pee to squeeze it out over themselves. This lesbian play ends with them using a red dildo for orgasm.