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Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day, Amaria, girlfriend of Claudia Macc, spoils her significant other by squirting her golden urine onto her underwear. Claudia teases her and sucks on her, while Amaria squats down and squirts her urine onto her hands and rose. They undress, and Claudia urinates on her red breasts. They share their feces, using a red dildo on each other's pussies. To end their perfect date, they pour their last streams of pee into champagne flutes and toast to piss drinking.
Piss Dedication
In the latest update on VIPissy, Cynthia Vellons and Claudia engage in personal activities while trying on knickers in the lounge. Claudia puts on black lace panties for Cynthia and exchanges them for peach cotton ones. Cynthia starts peeing in her pants, and Claudia catches her streams and splashes them all over her body. After Cynthia removes her wet panties, they lick and suck the liquid from the fabric before Claudia pulls her pants to one side.