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Pee Loving Lesbos

In our most recent VIPissy update, blonde and brunette meet as naughty Erika assists Betzz in zipping up her dress. She soon gets another idea and takes off her clothes, luring Betzz into having some fun as a lesbian. After Betzz takes off her underwear and is fully nude, Erika shoves her onto the couch and raises her up with her denim skirt hiked up. Erika drenches Betzz in golden showers as she begins to pussy piss over her hot, nude body. Betzz becomes even more aroused when she seizes the initiative, kisses Erika, and then squirts her with urine streams. These lustful lesbians lick each other's assholes before collapsing into the couch and splattering more urine in one other's direction. Both girls enjoy some piss-in-mouth action as they lick their pussies. Next, they share a pink vibrator to induce an orgasm. Erika catches her golden stream as Betzz urinates one more, capping their impromptu lesbian urinal play session.

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Soaked In The Office
In the latest VIPissy scene, Antonia Sainz and Victoria Pure are bored at work and decide to spend time doing something more pleasurable. Antonia sucks on Victoria's attire, causing them to engage in lesbian pee play. They undress, licking each other's bodies, and Victoria licks her pussy first. Antonia fills a watering can with urine, and they share a pink vibrator. Victoria urinates on Antonia's hair and distributes the contents.