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Totally Soaked

sultry redhead Sitting on the couch, Marina and Erika, her best friend, can't take their hands off of one another. Erika is lying on the glass coffee table as we pan in close to witness these stunning girls sharing a passionate kiss. Marina takes down her underwear to suck her nipples and begins to pussy piss over her stunning girlfriend. After Erika undresses, Erika begins to give Marina some shit in the mouth action while Marina sits down on the floor and waits for her own golden showers. Erika gets covered in golden pisses as these sultry lesbians alternately lick one other's assholes! These dildo-sharing pornstars share a glass of dildo and stop to collect their collective poop in a glass vase after continuing to cover each other with pee streams. Before these beauties soak one other from head to toe, Erika dribbles some of their golden juice over Marina's tits and into her mouth! This piss-soaked lesbian session is something you won't want to miss!

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