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Shy And Curious

Arina Shy, a brunette with long hair, can't take her eyes off her redhead tutor as she prepares for her test. enchanting Angelina. She lets off a tumultuous flood of golden poop onto the table, but Angelina knows how to divert her gaze, so she climbs up atop it. Arina looks on in awe as she licks her ass and gushes some more. After removing Arina's scarf and allowing her to taste her own fluids, Angelina makes the apprehensive girl get up and end up leaking pee in her pants! Angelina gives her crotch a cheeky lick as her pee runs down her leg, soaking her pink denims in the process. Arina licks her pussy enthusiastically and enjoys more golden showers and fun with her poop in her mouth as Angelina leans back. In this lesbian pee play video, Arina gets undressed and switches places to receive her own pussy licked, and these sultry pornstars enjoy themselves with their fingers! When they are both satisfied, they burst forth onto the dining table once more!

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Soaked In The Office
In the latest VIPissy scene, Antonia Sainz and Victoria Pure are bored at work and decide to spend time doing something more pleasurable. Antonia sucks on Victoria's attire, causing them to engage in lesbian pee play. They undress, licking each other's bodies, and Victoria licks her pussy first. Antonia fills a watering can with urine, and they share a pink vibrator. Victoria urinates on Antonia's hair and distributes the contents.