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Piss Soaked Strawberries

For a little fun, Maddi Black, a stunner with tattoos, has blindfolded Sweet Angelina, her best friend. Angelina removes her blindfold and mimics her as she scoops some whipped cream off a flan and puts it in her mouth. As these stunning women kiss, Maddi begins to urinate all over Angelina's cream-covered strawberry, which she is holding beneath her pussy! After Maddi feeds Angelina the strawberry, these sleazy pornstars continue to have fun with kinky food while Angelina urinates on another strawberry. After these beauties strip off, Angelina licks Maddi's pussy and coats it in cream, savoring every last bit as she runs her tongue over Maddi's clit. Maddi begins to give Angelina some tongue-in-cheek action, and these fucking lesbians create a lot of mess as they carry on with their dirty eating and lesbian urination antics! Maddi and Angelina enjoy some piss drinking after giving each other an orgasmic pleasure and catching their last poop in glasses with a strawberry in it!

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