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Playful Paddling

Victoria Pure, a gorgeous blonde, and her redhead girlfriend Sweet Angelina are the stars of our latest VIPissy scene. As Victoria puts on her socks in the lounge, Angelina is starting to get lustful! She really crawls over to Victoria before she touches her feet because she has a real foot fetish. After these hotties kiss and Angelina moves her panties to the side, she begins pissing all over Victoria's socks on the couch! As Angelina paddles in the poop and these shithead lesbians play with their urine, rubbing their feet across the slick tiles, Victoria follows suit! Victoria takes off her sock and puts their combined ass urine in Angelina's mouth, beginning their undressing process. Victoria leans over and uses some tongs to tear apart Angelina's hot pussy and put it in her mouth. After they trade places, Victoria urinates in Angelina's mouth while kneeling above her in the doggie position! Before they share a pink dildo, these stunning females share golden showers and pussy licking!

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