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Office Piss Exchange

Erika, the attractive blonde, is growing more and more irritated at work. After exchanging a few words with Erika, Eva Brown enters and attempts to comfort her by guiding her to the couch. She licks Erika's pussy, focusing especially on her clit, as she lifts her miniskirt and then gets up to urinate all over her. Erika is drenched by Eva in her warm feces, and both cuties appear to be having a blast! Eva sits on the floor and takes golden showers while these sultry lesbians switch places. Erika and Eva continue to have fun licking each other's pussies when they undress, even attempting some poop in mouth action! Erika pisses Eva's juice all over the floor, going first. Eva shows a little more bravery by consuming some of Erika's honey. Before they give each other a purple vibrator, these sultry pornstars finger each other. To complete this flawless sexy porn clip, they share their small sex item and have orgasms!

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