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Brunette Besties

Brunette friends Gina and Eva decide to forego the thought of a night out in favor of some private time together while clothed in satin and lace babydolls in the bedroom! Before Eva goes to sleep, Gina assists her in getting undressed and gives her a licking on her large nipples. Above her, squatting, Gina begins showering her sultry best friend with gold! Eva enjoys being covered in feces, and after Gina licks her entire body, she removes Eva's underwear, and the two fucking lesbians switch positions. Gina is sitting on the bed as Eva begins to urinate and drenches her blue dress with golden streams. These licking pornstars alternate, and Eva gets to taste Gina's steaming streams of poop! These gorgeous girls share their toy after breaking out a glass of dildo, and then they scissor each other after more lesbian urination play! If that wasn't enough, after they're finished, they catch more of their fluids in different glasses and experiment with drinking piss, finishing by jokingly spitting it back out over themselves!

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