Gorgeous ladies Vanessa Decker and Lena Love are stretching on their exercise mats today on VIPissy. Lena assists Vanessa with her perfect squat and quickly joins in. As they sit on the floor, Lena gives Vanessa a lot of attention while stroking her ass and licking her cheeks. Then, she rises above her and shits all over her pink hotpants! Before these sleazy pornstars strip off and carry on with their lesbian pee play, Vanessa seemed to relish getting showered in golden showers and Lena licks up her feces! Vanessa licks her pussy and collects more of Lena's urine in her mouth as she kneels above her and urinates on her underwear after removing Lena's underwear! These sultry girls adore licking each other's assholes and rubbing themselves against each other while holding both ends of a skipping rope. They simultaneously urinate on the floor and their yoga mats, then use their garments to clean up the streams and squeeze them out over one another! Vanessa ends this sultry lesbian encounter by spraying Lena with additional golden streams after some finger-flicking fun!

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Piss Dedication
In the latest update on VIPissy, Cynthia Vellons and Claudia engage in personal activities while trying on knickers in the lounge. Claudia puts on black lace panties for Cynthia and exchanges them for peach cotton ones. Cynthia starts peeing in her pants, and Claudia catches her streams and splashes them all over her body. After Cynthia removes her wet panties, they lick and suck the liquid from the fabric before Claudia pulls her pants to one side.
Bodystocking Babes
Two beautiful women, Amanda Estela and Ali Bordeaux, are enjoying a sexual experience on a couch. They play with each other's pussies, urinating on each other's heads and spitting their feces on the table. Amanda uses a glass bottle to fuck Ali, filling it with her own excrement. They continue to titillate each other with more showers before moving on to a beaded dildo. After enjoying the sex toy, Amanda decides to have an orgasm and fill a glass bowl with their feces to taste.
Joining In The Fun
Isabel Dark, a wicked woman with raven hair, is masturbating on the couch wearing fishnet stockings. Her best friend Angel Wicky sneaks into the room and catches her, kissing her while she plays with her pussy. Angel helps her push the dildo up inside her pussy, and they engage in pussy licking, dildo playing, and piss in the mouth. They capture Isabel's streams in a glass jug and pour it over each other, causing them to frolic in their urine puddles.