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Messy MILFs

In our most recent VIPissy scene, two piss-loving MILFs, Eva Brown and Gina Monelli, are featured. While Gina is sitting at the dressing table brushing her hair, sultry babe Eva gradually takes off her stockings and massages her legs with her hands, making them seem oily. Gina approaches her stunning buddy, and after they kiss, Eva gives Gina a massage. Before Gina's bra comes off, she works on her shoulders, and before long, Eva is massaging her tits as well! Gina enjoys the feeling of warm pee pouring over her body as she is covered in golden showers by her as she stands over her! She undresses, and Gina urinates all over her back as Eva kneels down on the ground in a doggie posture! With Gina applying a vibrator to Eva's pussy, these shitheads pull out the sex toys and then capture another stream of Eva's golden poop in a glass. They kiss once more after she dribbles her fluids all over Eva's tits and into her mouth! After Gina catches her stream, these pussylicking lesbians begin to treat each other to some piss in mouth action! Gina soon gets her chance to enjoy some pussy pleasure! After sharing a glass of dildo, they leave to wrap up their fun!

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