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The Photoshoot

Gorgeous girls Moona is attempting her hand at photography with Sweet Angelina, while Moona captures pictures of her stunning redhead companion. When Angelina begins to wet her underwear, she tells her to sit on top of a glass table and then lift up her skirt to snap some panty photos. Moona turns on promptly and quickly lowers the camera. After helping Angelina undress and clean up her urinal stream, she joins the sultry lesbian couple, who immediately begin kissing passionately. Moona gets down to reveal some red fishnet underwear, and as Angelina is kneeling on the ground, mischievous Moona begins to urinate all over her, giving her some golden showers. Angelina gets back up on the table and lets Moona try her hand at piss drinking by starting to urinate in her mouth! These fucking pornstars proceed with their fucking exploration, licking their pussies and spitting more in their mouths—all while becoming drenched in pee!

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