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Merry Christmas to all

Christmastime and handsome Santa For our Christmas special, Claudia Macc teams up with her sexy pals Cynthia Vellons and Jesica Bell! The scene is set when Cynthia puts her companions beneath her and begins to pussy piss over them thanks to these sultry lesbians! After licking their bodies, she takes a golden shower on the ground for herself. Before they indulge themselves and one another, they pull out their dildos and suck them sensually. These three shitheads grab a glass bowl and mix their golden streams within, capturing their streams in the process. They turn their festive fun into a piss fight as they playfully splash each other and suck each other's juices with straws! These stunning girls give themselves some tongue-in-mouth action and masturbate until they get an orgasm while licking their pussies. There's just enough time left for them to round off their festivities with some simultaneous pissing!

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In the latest VIPissy scene, Antonia Sainz and Victoria Pure are bored at work and decide to spend time doing something more pleasurable. Antonia sucks on Victoria's attire, causing them to engage in lesbian pee play. They undress, licking each other's bodies, and Victoria licks her pussy first. Antonia fills a watering can with urine, and they share a pink vibrator. Victoria urinates on Antonia's hair and distributes the contents.