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Sweet As Sugar

On VIPissy today While lounging on some chairs, Lilith Sweet and Eva Brown make love. Lilith pulls Eva over, and the two stunning women begin kissing. At the same time as they start pussy pissing into some sundae glasses, they get dressed up! Eva pours her own poop into Lilith's mouth, filling them both to the brim, and she gladly laps it up, touching her pussy in the process. Eva takes Lilith's feces and pours it all over her, including her lips and her crop top! Eva lies back and begins to masturbate as these sultry lesbians move back over to the couch. Eva first gags as Lilith pours pee into her mouth as well! They indulge in a lesbian 69-minute break as Lilith looms over Eva, giving her more shit in the mouth action while Eva licks her pussy in between streams! Returning to their mutual pussy licking, Eva urinates in Lilith's mouth as well. These sleazy pornstars then share a red dildo, with Lilith going first and then her urinating over Eva's pussy! This sultry lesbian action ends with Eva giving Lilith golden showers while she lies on the ground. Then, they switch streams once again and urinate in each other's mouths!

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