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Bathroom Besties

In our newest VIPissy scene, a blonde and a brunette meet in the restroom as Erika can't resist putting her hands on Tiny Tina and slipping them down into her underwear! Tina starts wetting her pants as she kneels on the tile floor, giving Erika golden showers. Erika swaps places with Tina, then the two lesbians strip off for some fun pussy licking while Tina lies down on the floor. Erika gets up to give Tina some piss in her mouth as they keep dousing each other in fresh streams of feces! These pee play lesbians start a purple vibrator and take turns enjoying it while splattering even more golden pee on the floor and each other! Erika crosses her face, and when Tina gives her clit more attention, she gives her one last forceful stream of poop that she points directly into Tina's mouth! These stunning ladies adore giving each other everything, even their golden streams!

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