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Candice Demellza

During a home workout, attractive blonde Candice Demellza is lifting kettlebells while wearing tight white hotpants, when she suddenly gets the urge to urinate. She can't possibly make it to the bathroom as she clings to her crotch. This naughty chick reclines on her leather couch, pees her pants, and lets her juicy stream run through her hotpants' crotch and all over the couch! Candice takes off her shorts to touch her wet pussy, looking incredibly relieved and horny at her adventures in piss play. She releases some strong jets of pisses from her swollen pussy and they crash back down hard onto the coffee table! Candice uses her crop top to mop up her golden dick and grabs a jelly dildo to indulge herself! Candice finishes her sex toy play by splattering her urine all over her hot, nude body after catching another stream in a glass vase!

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