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Irina Cage

We have no doubt that you will adore the new face of Wet and Pissy—sexy blonde Irina Cage! After waking up from a slumber, this adorable person is extremely aroused. Irina rubs her hands over her sultry pink underwear and then gets the urgent urge to urinate. She crouchs over a big pink bowl, pulls her underwear to the side, and proceeds to piss straight into it! Irina dips her feet into the bowl, looking incredibly satisfied. Irina gets her adorable white socks wet with urine, and after taking them off, she massages herself with her golden nectar and dips them in her gathered feces. This nasty chick undresses, urinates all over her fitted sheet, and then masturbates on her piss-soaked bed. Irina concludes her pissing porn debut by taking one last urinal plunge into the bowl after bending over in the doggie position to indulge herself with a popsicle-shaped dildo and bringing herself to an orgasm while urinating over her bed!

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