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Martina Musa

Martina Musa is unexpectedly compelled to urinate while brushing her hair in the restroom. When she notices a glass bowl, she settles into the toilet seat and comes up with a far more creative approach to urinate. With a playful demeanor, this blonde approaches the bowl and proceeds to urinate into it! As she aims, she creates a lot of mess, and when some of her golden fluids get up in the bowl, Martina licks her own feces to experience the sensation of urine drinking. Martina urinates all over herself, undresses, and collapses into the bathroom carpeting. She lays with her legs up in the air, fingers her pussy saturated with urine, and pisses all over herself! Martina squeals as we get up close and then stoops to play with a purple dildo! This hottie with tattoos is really working herself, taking a break to catch another stream of pee in the glass bowl. She finishes herself in this sexy porno with her sex toy after giving herself a golden shower and sloshing the contents all over her hair!

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