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Piss On Set

Beautiful girls In our most recent scene, two gorgeous people with body piercings and tattoos, Dalia and Candy, make their VIPissy debut. Dalia is posing for Candy during a picture shoot when she suddenly decides to undress and teases Candy with her amazing tattoos and sexy physique. Candy puts on a blindfold, lifts up her red leather miniskirt, and then, to her surprise, pisses all over her! When the blindfold is removed, Dalia licks Candy's pussy, intensifying their on-set intimacy! Her golden showers cascade down Dalia's tummy! Dalia's streams of pee cover Candy as she kneels down and does a few spit-takes. These pussy-licking pornstars carry on with their enjoyment, fully embracing the lesbian pissing lifestyle! As they move to the floor, Dalia indulges in some self-indulgence before these cuties share a pink dildo to sate each other even more! Moving onto something a bit thicker, Dalia rides a rainbow dildo while taking more of Candy's piss then this toy gets shared too to finish off this hot lesbian session!

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