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The Pissy Pet

fresh visage In our newest VIPissy scene, Melani Mendes plays a pet for her long-legged mistress Bella, who is lovely and blonde. Using a leash and collar, Bella guides her and makes her kneel before leading her deeper into the room, where she binds her little slave and forces her to lie on the ground. Melani is transformed into her own little pee slut by this gorgeous blonde who is standing over her and dousing her in golden showers! At her mistress's request, Melani gets up and indulges in some self-indulgent pussy pissing while holding her stream in her hands. Melani begins to lick Mistress Bella's pussy after licking her piss-soaked legs, and Bella then gives her some piss-in-mouth action! These pussyfinging lesbians continue their roleplay with more pussy fingers and streams of urine as submissive Melani eats it up! Bella plays with Melani with a purple vibrator and then pisses all over her while Melani lies there on the ground, powerless! It's Bella's turn to savor a pink dildo while Melani hovers over her and gives her another stream of urine!

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