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Don't Be Jealous

tenacious coed Kirsten has always had a thing for cock. She simply cannot get enough of it. Thus, Kirsten takes advantage of the fact that Jessica's boyfriend is here hanging out with Kirsten's boyfriend while her best friend and roommate go shopping for the afternoon. Kirsten finds it very difficult to resist sharing two hard dicks at the same time. But when Jessica unexpectedly returns home, things have barely warmed up. There's a momentary flash of astonishment and jealousy, but then pleasure takes over. Why get upset when she could just partake in the enjoyment, after all? The girls make the decision to show off for their boyfriends by dousing each other in brand-new, golden poop. The males soon find that they are unable to contain themselves and that wet, greedy tongues are devouring their swelled cocks. The two males are excited to be the ones to squirt these mischievous girls with streams of hot pee, and before long, there will be so much of it that it doesn't matter who is providing this delicious pleasure. Tons of fresh pee are exchanged by wet mouths. Urine flows out of swollen, penetrated pussies in torrents. And the fucking couple doesn't stop until both females are completely raped and their favorite fluid is dripping from every inch of skin.

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