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Thirsty Babe

It can get a little boring to read a newspaper while there's a pretty woman across the table. Concentrating becomes even more challenging when she is flirtatiously glancing at you while drinking anything. Not one to sit about and flirt, Karina spills the contents of her glass, straightens her posture, and lifts her skirt. If that wasn't enough to get a man to stop staring at his paper, Karina cockily lifts her leg to pee in her drink. Her worry is much greater when it comes to urinating on the table, just filling the glass halfway before soaking the surface. Karina drenches the table top, and her partner, no longer concentrating on the paper, is watching with interest. Following Karina's example, he throws his newspaper aside and is soon urinating into her mouth. Karina works through several special situations, such as simultaneous pissing and sucking, while taking it easy for a while. She steadily picks up more and more speed, effortlessly achieving the most bizarre poses in which she effortlessly lifts one leg into the air.

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