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A Dry Flower

After being just planted, violette's flower is somewhat parched. She could add some wetness to make it more energizing. Her partner is more than happy to help with the new soaking. Violette spreads her legs wide and savors the taste of the clear pee on her tongue. He keeps soaking her all over, soaking her clothes till they are dripping. He takes advantage of the opportunity to wring her garments into her mouth. She adores the flavor, yum. It's time for her to urinate in the morning. She adores the sensation of her urine oozing out of her shaved, taut pussy as she squirts it onto his rock-hard dick. Making sure not to squander a single drop, they pass clean pee from mouth to mouth. After lubricating her, he proceeds to examine her anatomy, delving deeply into her asshole this time. She relishes every second of it! It's time for a quick pee shower because she is one dirty girl and she just fucked on the dirt pile. She will be grateful for his eagerness to wash her clean, but she will also take a nice, hot load in the mouth. You will never view gardening in the same way.

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Don't Be Jealous
Kirsten, a tenacious coed, enjoys sharing cock with Jessica's boyfriend. When Jessica returns home, they indulge in the pleasure, dousing each other in new, golden poop. The males, eager to squirt the girls with hot pee, consume their swelled cocks. The two males squirt the girls with swollen pussies, causing a torrent of urine and raped women. The fucking couple continues until both women are completely raped and their favorite fluid drips from every inch of skin.