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Golden Massage

One of life's better joys is getting a massage, and Lexi likes to make the most out of her encounters. Her masseuse, having oiled her back, is overcome with admiration for her beauty as he turns her over. His hands follow Lexi's body's curves, seemingly doing so on their own. Lexi's body reacts to her wants, which resemble her masseuse's hands, by letting go and urinating while she lies on the mat. Her masseuse doesn't miss a beat as he launches her urinate upward with his fingertips. After taking control, Lexi continues to spray wildly into the air. She takes a piss in her mouth, sucking and licking her partner's cock, giving him space to have his turn. From this point on, Lexi receives multiple blows to the head and even some anal provocation. Every chance she has, she gets down on her knees in front of her masseur's piss while she plays with it. Lexi leans forward for a long, sultry piss beside her new companion before going down on the floor for another golden shower.

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