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A Tea And Golden Drops

A male acquaintance is invited over for tea by the raven-haired amateur Foxy Anne, but she has more in store for him than just a harmless exchange of drinks. She gives him quite the seductive performance, putting her own hot pee in a cocktail glass and drenching her nude body in it. As Foxy is playing in her puddles on the ground, she becomes aware of the expanding protrusion in her friend's trousers. Foxy takes her time and savors the flavor of her piss lingering on his skin before dropping to her knees and wrapping her lips around his throbbing dick, after unleashing a stream of pee onto his shorts. Foxy's new partner is happy to give her what she wants because he understands exactly what she wants. Once again, Foxy feels the strain in her bladder growing as he bends her knees up and inserts his throbbing cock directly into her tight tiny asshole. She gets down on her knees to sample the hot fuck juices after rinsing his dick with her river of fresh poop. This pee-loving hottie isn't going to stop until her favorite golden liquid is gushing out of every hole; she hasn't even gotten close to having her fill of fucking and piss.

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Kirsten, a tenacious coed, enjoys sharing cock with Jessica's boyfriend. When Jessica returns home, they indulge in the pleasure, dousing each other in new, golden poop. The males, eager to squirt the girls with hot pee, consume their swelled cocks. The two males squirt the girls with swollen pussies, causing a torrent of urine and raped women. The fucking couple continues until both women are completely raped and their favorite fluid drips from every inch of skin.