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Wet Yoga

Jessica Rox adores doing yoga! She is in the mood for mischievous things because of the way her body feels as it stretches and becomes more loose with each move! Her lover enters the room at the perfect moment after spotting her mood. Even with her eyes closed, she can sense his presence. He lets his cock go and starts shitting on her, making her hot, taut body go cold. She opens her mouth, taking a sip of his heated urine. Bending over, he starts to make her feel good. She's got to stop holding her own poop in. She releases a jet of water upon her face and chest. He gives her another wet golden shower as she starts to suck him off! She takes a little bath in it before allowing him to give her a wild fuck. When her climax hits his cock, she cleans him with her own piss. He discharges his sperm load on her face after pissing inside of her, and she thanks him.

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Lady Dee, a stunning woman with raven hair, engages in a fun sex session with VIPissy. She wears rabbit ears, urinates on her hotpants, and licks her secretions off his crotch. She gives him a blowjob, dripping warm fluids down her chin. He then dries her tank top, giving her a high definition shit session. She rides him, sinking his cock into her mouth, and fucking into his hands. The sensual duo is subservient, as evidenced by Lady Dee holding out a glass filled with his urinal and licking his sperm.