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Evening At Home

Nicole Vice is eager to hook up with her consort. They are two steps into the action by the time the filming starts. Nicole's tits are partially visible through her clothing as the couple begins their kissing on the couch. Nicole swiftly follows her lover to the table and kneels over him, starting an evening of poop jokes. Nicole showsers him down from above as he reclines. Nicole's assets are out for grabs after being thoroughly wet, climbing back onto the couch for the surrender of her body. She displays her desire for a back massage by bulging her ass and staring at her pal while doing so. Later, after getting a little more invested in their activity, Nicole lifts her leg up onto the table and urinates into his dick. In order to enhance the sensation, she then tucks her legs into her body as she lies on the table, urinating in her face and ready for a full frontal shit job. Nicole offers him a glass of his urine and takes a sip before giving it to him, just before the last physical release from her partner.

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Lady Dee, a stunning woman with raven hair, engages in a fun sex session with VIPissy. She wears rabbit ears, urinates on her hotpants, and licks her secretions off his crotch. She gives him a blowjob, dripping warm fluids down her chin. He then dries her tank top, giving her a high definition shit session. She rides him, sinking his cock into her mouth, and fucking into his hands. The sensual duo is subservient, as evidenced by Lady Dee holding out a glass filled with his urinal and licking his sperm.