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Crystal Fisa

For our most recent update, we welcome Crystal Fisa, a brand-new model. This vivacious blonde writhes around in tight denim jeans and a tank top. Crystal crouches down on the coffee table, holding against her crotch, and then all of a sudden she starts leaking! This sexy babe turns around, points her moist ass in the direction of the camera, and then proceeds to piss through the denim fabric of her crotch and onto the tabletop! Before taking down her jeans, she licks her fingers and splashes around in her puddle of urine. After giving her pussy a few finger licks, Crystal reaches up and picks up a glass vase, then promptly urinates into it! She spits the golden nectar back down over herself, soaking her tank top while using a ladle to shovel it into her mouth! As we pan in close, Crystal leans back and plays with a black dildo in her piss-soaked pussy. She sucks and fucks her toy and urinates again, this time squeezing her fluids over her large tits and into her mouth. This dirty hottie continues her first sexy porn scene by licking up more of her fluids from the coffee table after soaking her dildo as well!

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