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Another Wet day

Loves weekends, puppy is always eager to spend as much time as possible with Sweet Cat. After a demanding week, Cat is worn out, but fortunately for her, Puppy is constantly trying to show her how much she is valued. When Cat wakes up from a happy dream, the puppy causes her to stray. Appreciating what she sees, puppy is pleased to offer Cat more than just a pair of drenched shorts, bending down and dousing Cat with water. After helping Cat get undressed, the puppy shakes off all of her drowsiness and waits for Cat to make it rain on her. Puppy waits for Cat to poop on all fours before taking a golden shaft to her. Puppy's tendency to push things comes from her nature. She finds herself on one knee, letting out a pleasant stream into Cat's palms with her other leg extended over a cushion. Cat sits on the bed rail as the urge to urinate becomes overwhelming, reaching a peak. She does fantastic work that is in line with her excitement. The girls finish off their wet day by rolling their hair over their wet bed, following Cat's return for one last urinal.

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