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Piss Soaked Maid

Salina Shein, a stunner with raven hair who is new to VIPissy, teases her partner by dressing up as a French maid. While he's sleeping, she gets on the bed, undresses, and squats over him. Salina gives him an instant hard on by pussy pissing down upon his boxer shorts, waking him up in the nicest way possible! This wild vixen starts suckling his cock, deepthroating his shaft, and slurping on him after taking down his pants. This newcomer gets a taste of urine drinking as her beloved urinates all over her tongue as she leans up. After spitting another torrent of her golden fluids, Salina gets back on top of her man and performs a backward cowgirl ride! She gets doggy-styled fucked from behind while bending over to take more golden showers. After taking a messy cumshot all over her stomach, Salina lies down, and her lover rinses it off with more streams of pee. She drenches the bedsheets in her final scene before rolling around in a mixture of their fluids!

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