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Piss Fuck Fantasies

Nancy Smile, a naughty hottie, appears in our most recent VIPissy scene. This brunette hottie sees her partner wanking in the lounge! She snatches his phone and discovers he is watching obscene porn. Startled by what she learns, Nancy decides to take matters into her own actions. She sits above her partner on the back of the leather couch and does a strip tease. He thrusts his head in her direction to collect her golden streams of pee in his mouth as she begins to piss all over his rock-hard dick. Nancy thinks this is a huge turn on and begins to lick his soaked top before sucking his cock. Before he licks her pussy, she relaxes and lets her stud give her golden showers. Nancy takes a piss shower and then continues their urine fuck, pausing occasionally to exchange additional piss showers. She lies back on the couch to get covered in spunk, not only in warm pee showers but also in a messy cumshot!

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