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Serenya Gomez

In our most recent update, brunette beauty Serenya Gomez makes a return to Wet and Pissy. This hottie kneels up on a velvet couch and rubs her hands all over her body! Before revealing that she isn't wearing underwear, she lifts up her miniskirt and stimulates her nipples, getting them nice and hard! When Serenya starts pissing all over the floor, she squats down against the side of the couch and rubs her crotch. She removes her shoes to paddle in her golden pool after soaking the tiles beneath her with some amazing torrents! Sitting back on the couch, Serenya fingers her pussy while rubbing her secretions over her bare legs. Her next stream of urine shoots over the side of a red glass bowl, and she squats over it, making a mess! This dildo-loving hottie dumps the contents all down herself. After finishing her latest pissing porn scene, Serenya lays on her side and orgasms with her sex toy before splattering one last untidy piss all over the floor!

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