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Adel Morel

When the stunning brunette Adel Morel appears on Wet and Pissy, she flashes her flawless ass before giving it a cheeky swat. She does this by lifting up her silver minidress. Adel squats down on the couch, turning around to tease her pussy beneath her black lace panties with a hand rub. This hot beauty starts peeing through her crotch and onto the couch's fabric all of a sudden, wetting her underwear! Before removing her underwear and giving them a lick, Adel creates a big mess and massages her ass in the damp area. This gorgeous brunette takes off her clothes, rubs herself, and starts pissing in her pussy once more. She bends in and licks her drips off the couch's leather arm to sample her golden honey for herself. Adel leans over and rubs a tiny pink vibrator on her labia while toying with her dripping wet pussy. She catches another stream of urine in a glass goblet, and this time she gets to enjoy the taste of her own piss while she sloshing it all over her nude body! Adel quickly reaches her climax and lets off one last burst of steam onto the ground! Outstanding debut!

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