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Anna Khara

The gorgeous blonde Anna is back at Wet and Pissy, and she's in the lounge doing some spring cleaning while dressing very small. She stoops down and begins to dust her drawers, then uses a handheld vacuum to clean her velvet couch. When Anna's disgusting desperation sets in, she bends over and begins wetting her underwear while flaunting them instead of running to the bathroom! Her piss stream trickles down onto her couch and over the floor and this naughty babe makes quite a mess! Before removing her panties and settling down on the couch for some enjoyable masturbation, Anna pulls off her socks and sops up her fluids. She licks her moist pussy and begins to piss again, cleaning it with paper towels this time. She gapses her pussy open with a red speculum after squeezing it into her mouth and over her cropped top. When her pussy is spread apart, Anna urinates once again and grabs some flesh that resembles dildo, which she uses to stuff herself. This lustful blonde experiences an orgasm while riding her enormous toy!

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