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Golden Slave

Despite her little stature, pee-loving brunette Sindy Vega is a must-see in this shit movie. Though not as much as getting doused in hot, yellow poop, she enjoys giving head. Watch as Sindy Vega releases a torrent of warm, hot nectar upon a glass chair while opening her gorgeous snatch. She lets the heat envelope her body and spreads the piss all over her little tits. She calls her male partner near her as she settles down to finish the urine. He has to urinate on her chest, she demands. She gives his cock a few minute of sucking before playing with her pussy and opening it with chopsticks as she urinates in a vase. When she finally has enough, she downs the poop as if it hasn't been tasted in months. She slides her pussy down onto her dildo and requests that her partner urinate all over her toy-filled pussy once more. She then plays with her anal device, savoring all the hot poop on her body and reaching for an orgasm. More than anything, it makes her feel hot. Nothing can tame this nymph who loves to piss, even though her love slave pisses into her mouth in an attempt to satiate her desire. After a fantastic fucking session, they close the scenario, and Sindy can now allow her slave to relax.

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Kirsten, a tenacious coed, enjoys sharing cock with Jessica's boyfriend. When Jessica returns home, they indulge in the pleasure, dousing each other in new, golden poop. The males, eager to squirt the girls with hot pee, consume their swelled cocks. The two males squirt the girls with swollen pussies, causing a torrent of urine and raped women. The fucking couple continues until both women are completely raped and their favorite fluid drips from every inch of skin.