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Two Nurses

Two sultry lesbian nurses caress and lick each other's pussies as they get to know one another better. They play for a short while longer before deciding it would be amusing to urinate on each other's high heels and stockinged feet. The seductive Jessica licks the drenched stocking and savors the warm feces on her tongue. They take a plastic glove, stuff it full with their liquid libations, and utilize it as a means of self-gratification. They still like the sensation of their slick bodies contacting one another while pissing all over each other's garments.

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Soaked Scissoring
Antonia Sainz and Rebecca Volpetti, two beautiful girls, engage in lewd play as they prepare for bed. Antonia gives Rebecca a warm pee bath, while Rebecca licks her juices through her lace underwear. They then perform mouth-to-piss actions, saturating their bedsheets and fingering each other. They also try scissoring before aiming one last piss stream over their pussies. This amusing display of sexual activity is a top pick among members.