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Piss Soaked Tattoos

In our most recent VIPissy scene, Alexa Lewis and Melanie Dark are seated at a dressing table, with Melanie stroking Alexa's hair. Alexa encourages her companion into having fun since she thinks her skinny, small pal looks great. Alexa licks Melanie's pussy as Melanie sits up on the dressing table and leans back to lavish golden showers over her clothes. Pulling down her dress, Alexa gets her tits drenched with poop and even puts some in her mouth! Melanie goes down to Alexa's pussy and fucks her with a cosmetics brush after licking her nipples! After becoming wet, these lesbians with tattoos who are pissing each other off move to the couch to resume their pussy play with a rainbow dildo. Melanie gets to enjoy it first, then Alexa gets a turn, and then these two hotties stop to urinate once more! As Melanie catches Alexa's last stream of pee in her hands and splashes it all over herself, these sultry pornstars use their rainbow dildo on each other and orgasm!

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