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Naughty Napping

Brunette cuties In our most recent VIPissy scene, Taylee Wood and Little Elis are slumbering peacefully until Little Elis wakes up and starts to pursue her attractive girlfriend. She undoes her underwear, tickles Taylee with it, then rises over her before she begins to sulk about her crop top and underwear! Taylee is taken aback as she gets covered in Little Elis' urine, and the two stunning pornstars seem to adore each other even more when Little Elis licks Taylee's pussy through her underwear. With her huge, curvaceous ass on display, Taylee climbs on top of Little Elis and begins to urinate on her pussy and the bed linens, creating a huge puddle of pee on the bed! These lustful pornstars adore licking one other's pussies, and Taylee lubes Little Elis up before giving her a bottle fuck! These hotties trade places before Elis starts dildoing and giving Taylee some joy with his fucking. This steamy scene features a ton of extra lesbian sexiness, and these hotties seal their exciting partnership with a kiss!

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