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Mutual Piss Masturbation

While her best friend Tiny Tina is reading a book at the dining table, seductive brunette Lenna Ross is enjoying some time spent masturbating on the couch. Lenna just has to sit up at the dining table and start kissing Tina's nipples that are peeking out from under her peek-a-boo underwear to divert Tina. Tina waits patiently for Lenna to cover her tank top in a spray of golden showers, pulling Lenna's underwear to one side. Tina becomes quite aroused and quickly lowers her shirt as Lenna These pussy-licking pornstars then indulge in some fun fingering and pussy-licking before switching it up and trying out some urine in the mouth action! Tina takes the lead and gladly laps up Lenna's stream of urine before planting a kiss on her. They enjoy some mutual masturbation to get off after that, spraying one last stream of pee in each other's pussies as they sit at the dining table!

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