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Mini Mitzi

Mini Mitzi, a brunette with curly hair, enters the lounge with a desperate need to urinate. She grips the back of her red jeans, well aware that she will not be able to go to the restroom. This naughty baby starts wetting her pants and letting her fluids soak all the way down her leg and onto the floor as she has one leg raised on a footstool! With a sensual hand massage, Mini Mitzi undoes her heels and draws down her pants, clearly displaying her need! Mini Mitzi licks the damp fabric after using them to mop up her puddle of urine on the tile floor. She takes a seat on the footstool, plays with her pussy, sticks her finger in, and then stops to let another stream of pee fall into the tiles! To increase her enjoyment in her pussy, Mini Mitzi jumps into her wet mess and then hops on a purple jelly dildo! She finishes this sexy porno by putting back on her wet jeans after soaking her sex toy in even more golden streams and orgasming!

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