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Mia Trejsi

For our newest Wet and Pissy scene, raven-haired beauty Mia Trejsi is posing on the leather couch in a tight minidress and high heels. She gets on her knees and begins to undress, laying her lace underwear on the ground and shit all over them! This stunning girl leaves quite the mess on the tiles as she urinates while rubbing her pussy! Mia smothers her fluids and proceeds to undress, prepared to touch her moist ass. She urinates all over herself again as we get up close and personal. Mia reaches for a purple vibrator and slouches down in a doggy posture, enjoying herself. The gorgeous Mia Trejsi, with raven hair, is lounging on the leather couch wearing a tight minidress and stilettos for Mia orgasms and urinates on the couch, then she's ready for another round! Her entire body jolts! She reclines and violently fucks herself, trembling from her second day orgasm. This sultry hottie then finishes off this sexy porno flawlessly by setting a glass goblet on the ground and catching another stream of urine in it. She then pours her golden nectar down her toned, tattooed body!

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