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Samantha Cruz

This week, Samantha Cruz, a stunning hottie with all the right curves, makes her debut on Wet and Pissy. In her cropped zip-up top and tight red leggings, she taunts everyone in the dining room! After unzipping her top, Samantha gets up on the dining table and begins to urinate all over her clothes! Her golden streams of urine cascade through her crotch, leaving a striking puddle on the table. She dives into her sloppy mess, ruining her garments even more, looking extremely proud of herself! As she squats on the ground and fingers her pussy, Samantha begins to undress. She catches another stream of her urine in a basin and drinks the juice to experience drinking her own excrement. This test-tube cutie pushes her pussy down onto a jelly dildo after dribbling the remaining amount down her nude body. After pausing to give it some serious thought, Samantha ends her first shit porno by showering herself with additional golden streams from head to toe!

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