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Melani Mendes

We always get excited when a new face appears on Wet and Pissy, and this time we have the stunning Melani Mendes, who teasingly shows off her figure in a crop top and small miniskirt. She slides her skirt up to expose her blue underwear, then settles in to begin soaking her underwear. We get a close-up look at the stream of pee Melani lets out of her crotch before mopping the tile floor! This sexy beauty swiftly urinates once again before putting her wet panties in her mouth to indulge in a little self-indulgence in piss drinking. Melani then licks her luscious pussy and begins to urinate again! Considering that this is her first time, this hottie has a lot of golden fluid to spill! This naughty baby enjoys herself with a squirting dildo while her hair falls into her puddle. Before squirting it into her mouth, Melani fills her dildo and stops to capture another spray of pee in a glass bowl! This pisses-loving babe orgasms and soaks the floor one more time after sloshing the last golden juices over herself!

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