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The gorgeous Medison, who has dark hair, appears in our most recent update. She teases the camera right away by pulling up her miniskirt to show that she isn't wearing any underwear! When she realizes she needs to let go of her desperate want to urinate, she sucks her fingers and rubs her pussy before holding onto her crotch. This hottie squats over a large glass vase and begins pussy pissing into it! She eats a few of her golden secretions after scooping them and then splatters the remainder all over her clothes. After stripping down, Medison grabs a metal speculum and pinches her swollen lips together. She puts it in and opens her mouth wide, urinating all over the floor as we pan in close! She uses a sponge to clean up her nectar while sitting in her piss puddle. Medison plays with her pussy while sitting on the floor and urinates again while using a golden vibrator. She then gets up to continue her play. To cap off this embarrassing porno, she orgasms and masturbates before having time to take one last urinal in her vase!

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