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Maddi Black

The fashionable, tattooed Maddi Black walks into the room sporting a wet-look crop top and a miniskirt with a leopard design. Before getting up to tease more and squeezing her tits together and begin stripping, she kneels on a leather chair and sucks her finger sensually! This brunette cutie takes off her lustful red underwear and puts her hand inside to indulge in some serious masturbation. She immediately falls onto the leather chair underneath her, drenching her underwear, and creates a huge mess! Before taking off her underwear and lying faceup in her puddle of pee, Maddi gathers handfuls of her urine and splatters it all over herself. We get up close and personal as she glides the glass dildo in and out of her hole while she teases her dripping wet pussy! Once again, Maddi aims her pussy piss over her head, resulting in a bead of golden juice all over her face. She enjoys this long, straight piss while holding her pussy apart, and then she strips completely! When she finally finishes her drenching porno, Maddi is incredibly satisfied because she and the leather chair are both covered in poop!

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