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Lady Dee

Gorgeous girl with raven hair While lying in bed, Lady Dee is stroking her ass through her white lace underwear. She starts our newest Wet and Pissy action right away because she is very horny. Lady Dee squats on her bed and begins soaking her underwear, squirting blasts of golden piss down over her bedsheets after bending over to flash her ass! She gathers her secretions and splatters them all over herself, then tears her underwear off and urinates all over her hands again! After suckling her bedsheets and tasting her own golden honey, Lady Dee reaches over and touches her own body. She squirts a potent stream of feces into the air and plays with a black vibrator while nude. This ravenous cutie stoops to fuck her pussy from behind and then settles in to enjoy her pissing pussy even more after capturing another stream of pee in a glass bowl!

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